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Project Guidelines & Assignments (by date)

Please click on the date and/or title of the assignment to see details (newer ones on bottom). This is not intended to be a complete and comprehensive list.
Primer dia - Make sure to give me good contact information. That's your first points. Sign up for my page.
8 y 9 septiembre - We took our first Dictionary quiz. We then took a quiz on some Spanish I terms. After that we did some writing: write a full page on how you will use Spanish in your life. Do include: where you will go, what profession you will have, and who you will meet. Proper grammar in English is very important.
10 y 11 septiembre - We reviewed some key concepts from Spanish I including conjugations of regular verbs and the verb "ser". We went over the question words on page 10 (notice how they are all written with tildes). We also learned the Spanish-speaking countries and how to call the people from that country. All material is in the first chapter, para empezar. Begin reviewing material from Chapter 1A on your own.
14 y 15 septiembre - We talked a little bit about the geography and culture of Central America. To help decorate the room everyone drew a Latin American flag with a little of his or her own flair in there. Please make sure you have turned in your flag for your points. We also had our first warmup check.
16 y 17 septiembre - We got our workbooks. We went through the vocabulary for Chapter 1A. Then we reviewed colors and additional school subjects. Remember, it is your responsibility to learn vocabulary; study these on your own. We also started reading with the drama on p. 22. Make attendence a priority as there is no subsitute for immediate feedback when reading for pronounciation.

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