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Group Project for Spanish II

Objectives: Students will research and present information on a Spanish-speaking country of their choice. Students will work together in groups of their choosing (circumstances permitting) of 4 students. Students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their target country & culture. Students will compile information in a paper format for a grade. Students will compile information in a presentation format and share with the class, also for a grade. Students will present information in front of the class in a public speaking scenario. Students will prepare visual aides (posters, photo collections, pamphlets/brochures, flag, &/or powerpoint presentation). Student will prepare some other sort of interactive aide (teaching a song or a dance, preparing food, showing off local handicraft, local costume, &/or other multimedia resource). Students will also role play as a person from their country.
Assessment: Students should work mostly outside class, though some class time will be provided for working on project. They should confer in person, via phone, or via email.
Students will be graded heavily for this project for which they will have had roughly 6 weeks to prepare the paper (to be turned in in early January) and an additional 2 weeks before presentation (Presentations begin February 16th and may continue into the next week). This is a group effort and students should receive similar grades, though student input will be accepted in determining grades based on contribution to the group.
Introduction (5 points, no def. length),
What makes the government special, unique, or different from ours? (15 points, half a page to one page),
How has their history shaped their country? (1½ - 2 pages, 25 points),
What makes the people special? (1½ - 2 pages, 20 points),
What attractions can I see or experience there? (2 pages, 15 points),
Conclusion (5 points, no def. length),
Grammar (15 points)
Total: (min. 6 pages & max. 8 pages, 110 points)

Presentation: Full group participation (20 points),
Full time (10 minutes, 15 points),
Knowledge of Subject (20 points),
Visual Aide (15 points),
Flag (10 points),
Interactive (25 points),
Role play character (15 points)
Total (120 points)
Quiz: Students will be given a quiz based on facts learned from each others’ presentations, unique to each section.
1-2 class periods especially for collaboration (may be broken up)
2 class periods for presentation (circumstances permitting) plus quiz.

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