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"Mi espacio" project

You will receive the template in class. It will be due depending on which class section you are in. You will need to cut out pictures for your photo, for the comment, and friends list. Please cut out the elements on this page and paste them on construction paper or a magazine page in order to have a background.

By the picture have your NAME, AGE, GENDER, and LOCATION and a DATE for the last location.

For A cerca de mí: have 3 sentinces with "Yo soy...."

For A quién me gustaría conocer: list 3 people you want to meet.

In the box labeled Aur 20, 2008:10:59 AM write a comment from a friend (At least 2 sentences) in Spanish. Write that friend's NAME above his photo.

For MiEspacio URL: complete the link

For General: Música: write "me gusta" or "me gustan" and write what you're interested in.

For Estatus: write a sentence with "Yo estoy..."

For Estoy aquí por: put "hacer amigos", "buscar novio" or "buscar novia", "recibir una nota", or anything you think appropriate.

For Fecha de graduación: put the year you will graduate.