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Materials Page

Book: Realidades level II. It's the blue book. You will need to bring it to class everyday unless directed not to do so.

Workbook: Realidades level II. It matches the textbook. You will need to bring it everyday unless otherwise instructed. You should receive these in the class the first week.

Dictionary: Get a Spanish/English, English/Spanish dictionary. There will be checks for this and it will be worth points. Bring it to class everyday, period.

3-ring binder: Get one. Bring it everyday. Keep your syllabus, notes, work given back, study guides, etc. in it. If you can't afford one see me (or possibly Ms. Cadwallader) before tiem runs out. You have have one binder for multiple subjects, but try to keep it well organized.

Writing utensils: Lapices, lapiceros, boligrafos, plumas, etc. (pencils, pens, ball-point pens, quill pens, whatever) are essential. Bring them. Bring extras to sell to the students around you. Bring 2 or 3 for yourself in case one dies on you.

Tissue: especially when everyone starts getting sick, have your own... it never hurts.

Color pencils, crayons, markers, pencil sharpeners, staplers, etc.: Sure, bring 'em.

Good attitude:) You gotta have it. If you need to walk out and come back in before the bell rings so that you can have a good attitude when you walk in, do so.

If you do not have your materials then you are breaking the first rule. You will not receive the hall pass to go retreive any materials.