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Mr. McCoy's Grade Recovery

Students with a D or F from the previous quarter with fewer than 4 absences are eligible for grade recovery. They should attent Tuesday's afterschool tutoring regularly unless they are in another teacher's tutoring. They are still encouraged to be studying for at least half an hour nightly at home.
To complete grade recovery for the first quarter, students must stay after school in room 101 on December 2nd, December 9th, and, if necessary, December 16th. They will complete work related to material in which they showed weakness in order to demonstrate mastery of this material. Grade recovery does not begin December 2nd. It begins now by studying this material.

The Duval School District grade recovery guidelines are, as follows
Grade Recovery is meant to assist students who have made an effort to be successful in a course but have failed to make adequate progress to meet standards during a grading period. Grade Recovery is not a vested right automatically conferred upon a student who receives a failing grade. To be eligible for Grade Recovery, a student:
• must have earned a D or F as a quarter or final grade;
• must have made a good faith effort to timely perform classroom work or have accepted additional assistance offered to them during the applicable grading period;
• must have completed all work that was missed due to a violation (or a sanction for a violation) of the Student Code of Conduct and must comply with the attendance policy as determined in the School Board Policy Manual: File: JH (2) ¯”Missed work shall be made up for all absences; a day of make-up work shall be allowed for each day of absence, when appropriate, pursuant to the Student Progression Plan Appendix D. Each student shall receive full credit for such work”
• must complete Grade Recovery using a district-approved program prior to the end of the following grading period (Compass Odyssey); and
• must not have engaged in plagiarism or cheating specifically identified by the teacher which resulted in the unsatisfactory grade.
The recovery grade will improve to a C when the standards are mastered. A grade of D may be assigned if the teacher determines that progress is made toward the standard(s). When a student transfers to another school, Grade Recovery must be initiated by the parent/student with the sending school. The sending school is responsible for providing the Grade Recovery work, grading and assigning the appropriate grade. The Grade Recovery process of the sending school will apply.

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