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Has the school calendar changed?

-Yes, because of Tropical Storm Fay, Duval County Schools will now be open for class on Monday, November 10 and Thursday and Friday December 18 & 19. These were previously Scheduled as weather days. Please keep checking the calendar link below.

Can I bring my I-pod or cellphone to school?

-"For every thing (turn, turn, turn) there is a season..." This means yes you may bring them, but the classroom is not the appropriate place for them. If they are being used in class without the express directions of the teacher, they will be confiscated. You may listen to I-pods on lunch. You may not talk or text on your cellphones from 7:15-2:15.

Do I need this Spanish class?

-Yes. Any student going into 11th grade or below will need two years of the same foreign language in order to be accepted into a Florida 4 year university. At Lee this means Spanish or German. Above and beyond that (and this applies to seniors as well), everyone will have the opportunity to make use of something he or she will learn in a foreign language class. It opens up a new world for employment, friendships, and much more.

No one checks Schoolnotes. Do you really expect us to check Schoolnotes?

-Yes. Your first opportunity for bonus points will be posted on Also some assignments, clarification for assignments, and other important notices will be posted here. ***This doesn't mean you must log on here every day. There's a link above this text which allows you to be notified whenever this page has an important update. Please scroll up and click it now. When you are done with this page, please find your other instructors and do the same on their Schoolnotes pages.

Is Mr. McCoy a hard teacher?

-Mr. McCoy is a teacher who expects good-quality work ethic, attendence, and scholarship from his students. I know you are capable of it. My tests will be hard and will come with plenty of opportunity for bonus. Quizzes will be a more frequent medium for assessment. Homework will be assigned. Classwork is just that. Projects, including group projects, should also be expected. Check out my rules page.

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